My plant is deceiving me

At least once a week, someone on a video call comments on how unhappy my plant looks.

“My plant,” I reply, “is fine. It was perfectly happy earlier. It’s pretending. I’ll prove it. Look.

Sitting still

We’d forgotten what it felt like, if we ever knew at all. We’d forgotten why we do it, and why we should. We’d forgotten that it made us hurt. We’d forgotten that it made us feel. And we’d forgotten that it made us think, and we’d forgotten that it made us creative, we’d forgotten that it drove us apart, but that it also brought us together. We’d forgotten the humilty of slowing down. We’re forced to remember that the most powerful things we can do for our creativity is just. fucking. sit with it. Sit still. Trust our gut, that it’ll come. Because sitting still is part of the process, and the process is the hardest part. It’s painful, it’s brutal, and we never know when it’s going to end, if it ever ends at all.”

Jem Higgins: Sit Fucking Still