Where have I worked?

SEO and Content Consultant at Distilled / Brainlabs

In 2019 I became a SEO and Content Consultant at Distilled (now part of Brainlabs). This meant levelling up on the more technical aspects of SEO and getting my head around Excel formulas. But ultimately, the consulting team wanted someone who knew SEO, but specialised in content, creative, and on-site copy. Since joining the team, we’ve been able to offer a load of new consulting services to our clients.

So as well as giving SEO recommendations, my consulting work covers:

  • understanding why existing on-site content isn’t doing as well as it could be
  • finding the right topics for their customers or audience
  • coming up with creative content ideas
  • analysing the search results and data to find content opportunities
  • training on how readability, intent, comprehension, tone of voice and style can affect SEO
  • knowing how to give feedback to writers

Clients I’ve worked with include Tiffany, GoDaddy, Mytheresa and Interflora.

Creative Lead at Distilled

Distilled logo

I joined London-based online marketing agency Distilled in December 2017, which is either a brilliant or terrible idea depending on how enthusiastic you are about mixing new colleagues with a free bar at your first work Christmas party.

Being a creative lead differs by industry, but in the SEO world it means working with data researchers, designers, freelance developers, a PR exec and technical consultants to create interactive, data-driven stories which are compelling enough to get coverage in local, national, and international press.

Content Marketing Manager // Head of Editorial at lastminute.com

lastminute.com logo

I started as Content Marketing Manager on the SEO team at lastminute.com in 2014. After a year, I was promoted to Head of Editorial, managing a team of copywriters based in the UK, Spain and Italy. My role involved setting guidelines around the brand style and tone of voice, and coming up with strategies and ideas to drive traffic towards the blogs and content pages.

On my watch, the lastminute.com blog went from a couple of thousand views per month to well over 100,000 visitors per month via organic search – regularly outranking Time Out, the Evening Standard for high volume terms like ‘things to do in London’.

Editing blogs and managing online communities at the BBC

I spent several years working at the BBC. My time started off as a production assistant on Watchdog, before moving into the online side of broadcasting.

I edited the TV blog, and worked moderating, editing, and managing sprawling networks of online communities (messageboards – remember them?).

My last role was in Television Center, working for Children’s BBC – managing a community of teenagers and kids, interviewing the presenters and stars, and – I’m not going to lie – having a lot of fun.